Code Switching Workshop

Linderman 200
On the heels of national tragedies such as the murders of Islan Nettles, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis among (too) many others, here we seek to give thought to the complex role of power in constructing and maintaining discursive and societal claims of identity through “code switching.”  “Code Switching” refers to the actions of a particular person and/or group that is assumed to break from their own “natural” practices to perform codes “not their own” for the purposes of fitting in, acquiring capital, and accessing spaces not easily afforded. What happens when we start to imagine the dominant context as also coded? Does it loosen the burden of (re)presentation on marginal identities? This workshop will generate an interdisciplinary conversation on the limits and possibilities of the manner in which identity construction (race, class, gender, sexuality), writ large, has been conceived, thought, and analyzed in scholarly discourse and in the larger public imagination.


Open to faculty, staff and students. Limited seats.

R.S.V.P. by Wednesday, April 9 to the Humanities Center, 610-758-4649 or

Lehigh University Africana Studies - Code Switching Workshop