Africana Studies Student Association (ASSA)

Drs. Monica R. Miller, Kwame Essien, Co-Chairs

The purpose of this organization is to serve as a platform for the current Africana Studies majors and minors to network among one another, meet other Africana scholars as well as participate in opportunities to enhance our research and study within this field. This group keeps Africana majors and minors connected and ensures all Africana minors and majors are getting the resources and opportunities that can move us forward in terms of learning, research and intellectual development. 

ASSA Profiles


Ralph Jean-Noel
Year: Senior

Majors: Africana Studies & Global Studies

Concentration: Social Justice, Identity Development, and African Diaspora

Activities: On-Site Coordinator and Member of Planning Committee for LeaderShape at Lehigh, Student staff...

Vice President

Lyasha Bishop
Year: Junior

Majors: Africana Studies, English, History

Concentration: African History and the African Diaspora

Activities: President of Black Student Union, Co-Head Resident Assistant to LUSSI, Gryphon Society, Diversity...

Ryan Rhodes
Year: Senior

Majors: African Studies, Political Science

Concentration: Civil Rights Law

Activities: Chartering Member and Vice President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Member of MLK...

Karen Valerio
Year: Sophomore

Majors: Africana Studies

Minors: French and Latin American Studies

Concentration: Afro- Latino Culture

Activities: Member of Strive for Excellence Committee, Public Relations Chair of The Black Student Union,...

Brenda Martinez
Year: Senior

Majors: English, Journalism

Minors: Africana Studies

Concentration: The Prison Industrial Complex and Social Injustices

Activities: member of MLK Committee, Past Chair of 2014 Strive for Excellence Committee, Past Chair of 2014...

Isabelle Dalzon
Year: Junior

Majors: Supply Chain Management

Minors: Africana Studies, English

Concentration: Identity within the African American Women community

Activities: Treasurer of the Lehigh University Echoes Acapella Group, member of the Black Student Union and the...

Jonathan Jean-Pierre
Year: Senior

Majors: Africana Studies & Global Studies

Minors: Political Science

Concentration: Public Policy

Activities: Lehigh Admissions Fellow, Student Senate, Pre-illusion Leader, Global Citizenship Program, YP4...

Toni Israel
Year: Sophomore


Concentration: Middle Eastern Affairs

Activities: Vice President of Member Programming for the Global Union and Secretary of the Muslim Student...

Raven Gaddy
Year: Senior

Majors: Africana Studies, Global Studies

Concentration: Sustainable Development &International Affairs

Activities: Past President of the UMOJA House (2013-2014), United Nations Youth Representative for the African...